Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Ducks Mating

Muscovy ducks mating with the female submerged, there were very worried tourists.

markkazanski7485Muscovy Ducks Mating

Bats Under Waugh Bridge

  Bats at sunset under Waugh St bridge in Houston, TX.  

markkazanski7485Bats Under Waugh Bridge

New Animal Photos

Added new animal photos to portfolio.

markkazanski7485New Animal Photos

New Squirrel Photos

Added new squirrel photos to portfolio.

markkazanski7485New Squirrel Photos
Blue jay in the Park

New Bird Photos

Added new bird photos to portfolio.

markkazanski7485New Bird Photos


Ruby-throated hummingbirds feeding from mimosa tree outside my window.


Flash Ratios Demonstrated with Speedlites

These shots demonstrate the effect flash ratios have on the subject. The Setup 2 Speedlites (YN-656 II) positioned on both sides of the subject at a 180° angle. The Speedlites are in ETTL mode and ratio is set in camera (Canon 60D). The numbers in a ratio represent the intensity of the flashes on each side. For example, a ratio …

markkazanski7485Flash Ratios Demonstrated with Speedlites