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Quote About Violence from Slavoj Zizek

[Travis Bickle] …was on the right path in the Taxi Driver. You should have the outburst of violence, and you should direct it at yourself, but in a very specific way — at what in yourself chains you, ties you to the ruling ideology.

markkazanski7485Quote About Violence from Slavoj Zizek

Verdi’s Falstaff

This week I am watching Verdi’s Falstaff, the Riccardo Muti production. The plot covers The Merry Wives of Windsor with some speeches from Henry IV.

markkazanski7485Verdi’s Falstaff
Melancholia - Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier’s Melancholia and Wagner

Melancholia opens with the Tristan und Isolde prelude. The Tristan Chord sets up the tension that is not resolved until the end of the opera.

markkazanski7485Lars von Trier’s Melancholia and Wagner
Mack the Knife - Rudolf Forster

Covers of Mack the Knife

Mack the Knife (Die Moritat von Mackie Messer) is a song from The Threepenny Opera, by Bertold Brecht and composed by Kurt Weill.

markkazanski7485Covers of Mack the Knife
Jacques Brel sings Amsterdam

Covers of Jacques Brel’s Amsterdam

Published in 1964, it is a song about the exploits of sailors on shore leave in Amsterdam.

markkazanski7485Covers of Jacques Brel’s Amsterdam
Twelfth Night - The Globe 2012

Twelfth Night

This week I am reading Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It’s one of the later comedies. The tone is very light and comfortable. There is very little danger. By the second act the audience knows how the plot will be resolved when Sebastian appears. There is a melancholy streak in the clown Feste and his songs. The aristocrat leads, Orsino and Olivia are …

markkazanski7485Twelfth Night
Richard III BBC 1983

Richard III

Richard III – BBC – 1983 Richard III – Ian McKellen – 1995 Richard III – Laurence Olivier – 1955

markkazanski7485Richard III
Titus Andronicus - Globe on Screen

Titus Andronicus – Shakespeare

This week I am reading The Lamentable Tragedy of Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare. It’s not the most respected play but it has glimpses of ideas that really payoff in the future plays: revenge in Hamlet, the villain in Merchant of Venice, Richard III and Othello, the unreasonable old man in King Lear. The play itself is in the Elizabethan revenge …

markkazanski7485Titus Andronicus – Shakespeare