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Quote About Violence from Slavoj Zizek

[Travis Bickle] …was on the right path in the Taxi Driver. You should have the outburst of violence, and you should direct it at yourself, but in a very specific way — at what in yourself chains you, ties you to the ruling ideology.

markkazanski7485Quote About Violence from Slavoj Zizek
Titus Andronicus - Globe on Screen

Titus Andronicus – Shakespeare

This week I am reading The Lamentable Tragedy of Titus Andronicus┬áby William Shakespeare. It’s not the most respected play but it has glimpses of ideas that really payoff in the future plays: revenge in Hamlet, the villain in Merchant of Venice, Richard III and Othello, the unreasonable old man in King Lear. The play itself is in the Elizabethan revenge …

markkazanski7485Titus Andronicus – Shakespeare